• Koneru Bhaskara Rao & Hemalata Human Development Foundation provides human development opportunities through quality education, skill development, health programmes & sustainable environment.

    The KBR & HL Human Development Foundation is established with the following objects:

    • To promote welfare of the society by improving quality in the sectors of education, health, skill development and environment.
    • To provide and support quality educational programmes at all levels of education including schools, colleges, universities in collaboration with government and non-government organizations, with special focus on digital learning, skill development and environment sustainability.
    • To train teachers and other stakeholders at all levels of education on digital learning.
    • To offer vocational skill development programmes in collaboration with industries, government and vocational training institutions and organizations.
    • To improve general health through health literacy, health and hygienic and environment sustainability.
    • To provide and promote sustainable and clean environment solutions, such as water conservation and recycling, soil conservation, green environment, green energy, green building.

    Our Foundation's Open Online Courses are released with the CC BY license. E-mail <kbrhlhdfoundation@gmail.com> your request, if your school wishes to reuse and repurpose the Class 5 Mathematics Reusable Course (log in as guest to preview the course) or to offer the course to <100 students on our Open Learning Platform.

    E-mail us @ kbrhlhdfoundation@gmail.com for conducting eLearning training (opens in new window) or organising virtual FDP / workshops on Moodle-enabled Blended Online Learning.

Available courses

Course image OE Week 2023 FDP | 3-Day Virtual FDP on Creating Engaging OER for Engineering Education
Open Education

The 3-Day Virtual FDP on Creating Engaging OER for Engineering Education FDP will immerse the participants in finding outcome-aligned OER relevant to Engineering Education and converting OER video and textbook content into reusable interactive content using H5P authoring desktop and web apps for improving student engagement in blended and online learning. 

Course image Moodle-enabled Blended Learning
Open Education

After participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare a blended course design blueprint using the COL’s Course Design Template
  • Design LMS-enabled blended learning course with week-wise / module-wise / lesson-wise assessments, learning activities and resources
  • Use Moodle LMS functionality and modules for developing a blended online course
  • Create assignments and quizzes
  • Engage students in learning interactions through synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Share learning resources including OER
  • Grade student’s performance & provide feedback
  • Track students’ learning progress

Course image 10-Day Virtual eLearning Professional Development Programme Cohort 1

eLearning Professional Development, a 10-Day Programme is designed to equip the Higher Education Teachers with the skills required to develop interactive eContent using @H5P, design, develop and deliver #Moodle & #OER-enabled Teaching, Learning and Assessment and #KeepTeaching with video conferencing tools.

Course image 3-Day FDP on Conducting Moodle-enabled Online Examinations

The FDP aims at enabling the participants to use Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) Learning Management System (LMS) for creating and administering online exams. The Facilitators-led program will engage the participants in using Moodle assessment modules for diagnostic, formative and summative assessments; self, peer and instructor assessments and for conducting online exams.

Course image 4-Month Virtual eLearning Internship

4-Month Virtual eLearning Internship Programme (VeLIP) aims to equip the participants with the skills required to blend technologies in teaching, learning and assessment and develop Moodle-enabled and OER-enabled open online courses (CC BY Licensed) for India.

Course image Class 5 Math
Class 5 Open Courses

Free Open online course to learn basic mathematics concepts in a very interactive and interesting manner. Now, mathematics is no longer a difficult and boring subject.

Course image తెలుగు
Language Learning

మీరు తెలుగువారా? మీ పిల్లలకు తెలుగు చదవడం, మాట్లాడటం రాదా? ఐతే ఈ తెలుగు పాఠాలు మీ పిల్లలకోసమే.  ఈ పాఠాల ద్వారా మీ పిల్లలు తెలుగు మాట్లాడటంతోపాటు, అక్షరాలు, గుణింతములు, ఒత్తులు, పదాలు (words), వాక్యాలు (sentences) వ్రాయడం కూడా నేర్చుకుంటారు.

Course image Basic Computer Applications
VeLIP 2023

The Basic Computer Applications course developed by Maris Stella College B.Sc. Computer Science Students as part of their Internship 2023 at KBR & HL Human Development FoundationThis course provides an essential foundation for anyone seeking to enhance their computer literacy and use common office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to improve their efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Course image Information and Communication Technology
VeLIP 2023

ICT course developed by Maris Stella College B.Sc. Computer Science Students as part of their Internship 2023 at KBR & HL Human Development Foundation. This course introduces fundamental ICT concepts, tools, and applications. It prepares students with the digital skills essential for personal and professional growth in today's technology-driven world.